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My name is Michael Powell, and I am a semi-retired Software Developer and Programmer who lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, about 12 miles from Santa Cruz, and 16 from Los Gatos.

My professional strengths include: Over a decade of work in iOS Programming and Development; over four decades of programming experience, including in LabVIEW, C and DEC Assembler; a strong record of working individually and collaboratively to create and debug software; the flexibility to learn and optimize new programs and approaches.

I enjoy good health, which adds to the pleasure of spending time with my wife, my dog and my grandchildren. I also enjoy being professionally productive, and having extra income to afford travel and visit family:

Present Positions

I am currently contributing on a part-time basis as an iOS Developer at G-Tech Medical, where I work on the iPhone link between their Patches and the computers which analyze the results.

I also do occasional work with LabVIEW, where I have many years experience, and do some work from time to time on web sites like this one, a field where I have some training.

Programming Experience

Most of over 40 years of experience in Software Development and Programming came as an employee of Measurex Corporation - which was acquired by Honeywell, International at the beginning of 1997. After Honeywell dissolved what had been the Measurex Headquarters Engineering group at the end of 2003, I worked as a contract programmer at Xoft, Inc.,Solta Medical, and now G-Tech Medical.

Professional History
  Products Applications Languages Debugging*
* Certified by National Instruments as a LabVIEW Associate Developer
Process Measurement and Control OS Enhancement
File Ctl System
TCP Applications
Gauge Processors
8086 Assembly
PDP 11 Assembly
Own Software
General Troubleshooting
Process Measurement and Control Measurement Processing Subsystem
Gauge Processors
PDP 11 Assembly
Own Software
General Troubleshooting
Medical Devices Design, Programming for X-Ray Tube Test Fixture LabVIEW* Own Software
Solta Medical
Medical Devices Analysis of Field Data LabVIEW* Own Software
G-Tech Medical
Medical Devices iOS App
(with Bluetooth
and encrypted AWS S3 files)
Objective C Own Software


Debugging is something like detective work: One uses “intelligence, guided by experience” (to quote Nero Wolfe). That is, one needs the insight to see how a given situation might have occurred, and enough familiarity with details and tools to restrict the possibilities to a manageable level.

I have had success doing this sort of thing for decades, both with my own code, and with that written by others. I've worked with all sorts of evidence in all sorts of circumstances. I still enjoy debugging (though staying up all night with it was for when I was younger).

Academic Background

A graduate of San Jose State College, I received a Doctorate in Mathematics (Functional Analysis) from the University of California at Santa Barbara, studying under Professor Ky Fan. My doctoral dissertation was published as American Mathematical Society Memoir Number 105. I served on the faculty of the Mathematics Department at the University of Maryland. Shortly before 1980, I began my career in Software.